Granblue Fantasy: Versus’ diminutive roster will get a tad bigger next month, as Arc System Works revealed the trailer for its upcoming new playable character Beelzebub (or Chaos Bringer in the US). He will be available on 3rd March as a free download, assuming you finished Arcade and RPG mode. Also, that’s the date of the game’s US release.

Technically, he’s available in the game as a final boss in both the Arcade mode and RPG mode. The devs probably took a lot of time to make sure he’s tournament-ready.

He still has some of his moves like the dive kick and the stacked-up knives move, but none of the full-screen and invincible bulls*** you see on the bottom video.

He’s also the first character in Granblue Fantasy: Versus‘ roster to fill the antagonist slot, as everyone in the game is basically chums with each other. Additionally, there will be more story content added in RPG mode on the same release date which will take place before and after the mode’s story.

The game will see more new characters popping up via the first season pass like Narmaya (March), Soriz (April), and female Gran Djeeta (April). And yes, there’s also a second season pass in the works with the game’s other antagonist Belial leading the pack.

I’ve already talked about the dubious nature of these season passes and how they were announced before the game even came out on my review. That’s probably the only sore point in this otherwise stellar fighting game to start off 2020.

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