PUBG’s Team Deathmatch Mode Is Out Now

Yesterday, PUBG dropped its Team Deathmatch Mode (TDM) with Update 6.2. Accessed through the new Arcade section, it’s an 8v8 first-person-only affair that lets you jump straight to the action.

You can pick spawn loadouts by accessing the loadout menu via the M key; with the eight loadouts including assault rifles, submachine guns, and longer-ranged rifles. When you kill enemies, you get a TDM boost gauge in addition to points. The boost gauge will “heal larger amounts of health” if you avoid damage for a period of time.

As someone who enjoyed PUBG‘s combat but lost interest in the Battle Royale genre, TDM is a welcome addition. I jumped into a couple of matches earlier, and the constant stream of action was refreshing.

At the same time, the experience sets itself from games like Call of Duty thanks to the guns’ lethality and recoil. The ability to lean in TDM did remind me a bit of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, though.

There were a couple of things I didn’t really like. First, I’m not opposed to spawning protection, but running into and dying to invincible opponents several times during a match isn’t great.


Second, it’s annoying to have weapons begin in single-shot mode. I could get used to it in PUBG‘s Battle Royale mode, but preserving it for something that drops you straight into the action like TDM feels bizarre.

Aside from TDM, the update also tweaks the weight of frag grenades in Battle Royale and lets vests reduce damage from them. Some of the other changes include a visually updated Blue Zone and a parachute follow mode that “ensures you always land near your chosen squadmate”. Given that I almost never land near my friend in co-op, that follow mode sure sounds handy.

The developers have also mentioned that they will add and rotate new game modes for Arcade. Despite my gripes, I had fun with Team Deathmatch and look forward to the new additions.

If you’re interested in the full patch notes, you can look at them here.


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