Netflix March 2020: Highlights And Recommendations

I’m sure you don’t want to waste time sifting through Netflix’s extensive catalogue of shows and movies just to decide on what to watch. The streaming giant updates its site every day, week, and month with new content, so I’m here to save your precious time.

Here are my personal recommendations and highlights for what you should watch out of Netflix Malaysia’s upcoming March 2020 lineup:

Castlevania Season 3 (5 March 2020)

Castlevania Season 3 (1)

Netflix promises “more mystery, murder, mayhem, and vampires than ever” for Castlevania Season 3. The synopsis reads:

Belmont and Sypha settle into a village with sinister secrets, Alucard mentors a pair of admirers, and Isaac embarks on a quest to locate Hector.

The Protector Season 3 (6 March 2020)

The Protector Season 3

Netflix’s The Protector impressed me with its first and second season, immersing me in an exotic world with a unique language, culture, and setting. The Turkish fantasy series is reinforced by a compelling cast of characters, albeit with a generic plot structure and suffering from typical Netflix bloat.

However, it’s not every day that you see a series set in the ancient city of Istanbul. I’m looking forward to seeing where Hakan goes next in his quest as The Protector.

The synopsis reads:

While a new threat takes over Istanbul, Hakan faces a formidable Immortal who seeks to possess the key to destroying the city.

Kingdom Season 2 (13 March 2020)

Kingdom Season 2

The new season of Kingdom will arrive after the revelation of a new twist from the season one finale; the zombies are no longer going back to sleep during the day, which means that they’re more dangerous than ever.

Meanwhile, the royals are getting more embroiled in politics, amidst the chaos of the zombie horde. The synopsis reads:

The outbreak leaves no one safe.

But the infected are not the only monsters in Prince Chang’s way as he fights to protect the kingdom.

Bloodride (13 March 2020)


Bloodride is a new Norwegian anthology series that blends horror with dark Scandinavian humour. The first season will contain six episodes, each with a distinct setting and story in its own realistic yet weird universe.

It sounds like Black Mirror or The Twilight Zone with a unique Norwegian twist. Fans of anthology series and horror shouldn’t miss this for the world. There might just be hidden gems.

Beastars (13 March 2020)


I don’t usually watch much anime stuff, Beastars stands out from the rest of the typical anime fare in that it features a world where beasts of all kinds coexist. The protagonist is a gentle wolf named Legoshi who awakens to his own predatory urges as his school Cherryton Academy deals with a mysterious murder within its midst.

It sounds like a high school anime version of Zootopia, though obviously, it’s not as kid-friendly as the Disney animated movie.

Altered Carbon: Resleeved (19 March 2020)

Altered Carbon Resleeved

Barely one month after Altered Carbon Season 2 premieres on 27 February 2020, fans of the science-fiction series can already look forward to an anime spinoff. Developed by Dai Sato, the creative mind behind legendary anime Cowboy Bebop, this is a must-watch for sci-fi and anime fans alike.

Those are just several selected highlights from next month’s offerings of new TV series and movies on Netflix. Now you can plan your Netflix binge-fest for March 2020.


Author: Alleef Ashaari

Aspiring writer. Born in Amsterdam, raised in Malaysia. Comics are my passion. A gamer and science fiction enthusiast. PSN: AlleefAshaari

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