Free Fire’s Battle Royale Goes Post-Apocalyptic In March

Garena’s Free Fire battle royale game is getting a special post-apocalyptic makeover on 1 March 2020, thanks to its upcoming Wasteland Survivors event. During the event, players will be dumped onto a “ravaged spawn island” when they begin a game. They also have to adapt to survive with a special Borderlands skin.

A new Bomb Mode will be added on the event’s “peak day” (basically on 1 March 2020) and will be available till 31 March 2020. The mode will see one ream trying to detonate a bomb while the other attempts to stop them.

In addition, logging into Free Fire on that day will give players rewards including a Borderlands mask, a new backpack skin, and “3x experience, gold, and fragments earned with the daily limit”. Players will also earn Black Skull tokens at twice the rate on this day.

Black Skull tokens are what you’ll need to earn the new Borderlands female set (the male set has to be bought). These are received by breaking a special sculpture in a shooting map drop that takes place from 26 February to 4 March 2020. They can only be redeemed between 1 March and 3 March 2020.

Each piece of the set will require a specific number of tokens:

  • Top / 12 Tokens
  • Bottom / 10 Tokens
  • Shoes / 8 Tokens
  • Hair / 8 Tokens
  • Bonfire / 2 Tokens
  • Mask / Free to claim when logging in on 1 March 2020

An Elite version of the character Kelly will also be available to unlock after completing her awakening missions, assuming that players have unlocked the regular version already and brought her up to level 2.

Today is the last day for pre-registration for the event, which will reward players with five Incubator Royale vouchers when they log in between 25 February and 27 February 2020.

Garena also revealed that the Kalahari desert map will be available as a permanent map from 28 February 2020.

They said:

“The Kalahari desert map proved popular while it was made playable through dedicated events, and Free Fire decided to make it a permanent feature following strong positive feedback from players and fans.”

The Kalahari map update will also bring with it new character Steffie, a “Professional Graffiti Artist” who can boost defences by… creating graffiti. Those inside her graffiti area will receive less damage from explosions and bullets, and won’t have their armour chipped away by damage either.

There will also be a new Training Grounds mode with two “Major Zones”. One is a shooting range, while the other is “an exhibition zone where players can fight against one another and revive themselves as many times as they like”.


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