Project Sekai Is Having A Song Contest

Japanese rhythm game Project Sekai is having a song contest, where participants have the chance to have their song featured in the game.

While the original tweet and post are in Japanese, the Project Sekai ENG fan page shared the details of the competition in English. Aside from having their song included in the game’s 2D mode, the winners will be credited and will win a ¥50,000 SONICWIRE gift certificate.

You can read the translated entry requirements in either Project Sekai ENG’s thread (the one above) or this article by VocaSphere. The ones written by Project Sekai ENG are as follows:

  • “Fullsize song can be any length, game-size must be ~2min with the chorus played once and an outro.”
  • “You need to submit it WITHOUT setting any license requirements, otherwise it won’t be counted. No songs already tied to labels, etc.”
  • “You need to submit both a full-size and game size version”
  • “Any language is OK!”
  • “You can use multiple VOCALOIDs! Sampling non-Cryptonloids is not allowed (including human vocals)”
  • “Multiple people can work on one submission, as long as only one person is set for contact info”
  • “You cannot post the song anywhere except for piapro during the contest period (Posting it publically after the results are announced is OK!)”
  • “Please send the lyrics in when submitting your song”
  • “Also, please make sure to use the プロジェクトセカイ_楽曲 tag when submitting!”

According to the official post (and as mentioned in Project Sekai ENG’s tweet), the deadline for the competition is 30 April 2020, with the cutoff time being 5pm.


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