Streets of Rage 4 Will Feature 4-Player Co-Op & Another Big Bruiser

Get ready to smash bad guys in 2D glory with Streets of Rage 4’s new character reveal.

The new muscle this time is Floyd Iraia, a “cybernetic brother in arms”. Filling in for SoR 2’s Max and SoR 3’s Zan in the big bruiser archetype, Floyd can grapple enemies and walk at the same time, bash two enemies together, and can even grab them mid-range. His only drawbacks are his speed and slow health recovery.

That’s not even the best part: you can play SoR 4 with another person via online 2-player mode or with three others in offline 4-player mode. It’s a co-op fight fiesta for this year.

Streets of Rage 4 will be landing onto PC and consoles this Spring. I’ll most likely pick Floyd first because I do enjoy dishing damage & big hurt more than fancy combos.

Author: Mr Toffee

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