Apex Legends’ Best Weapons Of Season 4, Ranked

At Kakuchopurei.com, we love Respawn’s Apex Legends; so much so that we’ve spent countless hours to not only refine our overall skills in the game but also other fun ways to win matches.

But today we ain’t gonna talk about strategies. Instead, we’ve decided to rank the current weapons available in the game, from the trash heap to the must pick.

Apex Legends’ fourth season brought a host of new additions to the game including a reworked World’s Edge map as well as the introduction of a new legend, Revenant. But games aren’t won with fists and kicks. At least in public lobbies.

Rounds are decided by guns and in Apex Legends, we are spoilt for choice. Season 4 saw the introduction of a bolt-action sniper rifle in the Sentinel as well as a shuffle of care package weapons where the developers swapped the almighty Devotion with the scary yet clunky L-Star LMG.

Also, we’d like to point out beforehand that this weapons tier list is based on the skill level of an average, casual player so the weapon combos of R-99 x Wingman of the pros do not apply here. Factors include: weapon viability under pressure, probability of hitting shots and how it should fit a Bronze to low-Platinum player.

If your ranked level is above Platinum III, you surely have a decent level of competence and pocket pick anyway. We’d love to hear your POV in the comments section below.

We kick off with the lowest tier of all, tier E a.k.a I’d rather stick to punches and kicks. Unless you’re a daredevil with the aim capabilities of Shroud or Seagull, anyone who pick up these weapons are either God-tier players messing about or trolling. No in-between.

Low Tier (a.k.a: just skip)

23. Mozambique Shotgun


Still a meme, still terrible.

22. G7 Scout

scout g7

Not a here-nor-there weapon. Initially classified as a sniper rifle, the G7 is now labelled as an assault rifle which does everything poorly compared to others in whichever category you measure it in.

21. P2020


This ubiquitous pea shooter packs a decent punch IF you have Hammerpoint equipped otherwise a rather sad weapon in the game.

20. Longbow DMR


Nicknamed the ‘longboy’ due to its decent sniping capabilities, the Longbow is a reliable ranged weapon which quickly loses its viability once the enemy closes down the distance. You’d struggle if you don’t have any attachments on it.


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