The Frozen Empress DLC for Code Vein is out now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The new boss is the Frozen Empress of the Great Collapse Horror, who can control ice-elemental attacks with her cold iron armour. Two crystals accompany her, occasionally triggering advantageous support effects and buffs.

The Frozen Empress is located at the new frozen Celestial Ice Prison, a dark area filled with ice and snow. She will come with her own Horror Hunting Trials. One of these trials is Poseidon’s Right Hand, which grants players a Blood Mist Halberd for defeating the Frozen Empress with a Halberd and without hitting zero health more than three times.

Code Vein Frozen Empress 2

In addition, the new DLC also includes cosmetic items and equipment, including a Ymir Blood Code with ice-related abilities like Frost Turrent and Hoarfrost Stream. Both Mia and Yakumo have new outfits, each with three colour options, while players obtain new face paint inspired by both of them.

Code Vein Frozen Empress 4

Code Vein Frozen Empress 5

Players can also get an Hoarfrost-affected bayonet, halberd, hammer, and sword. As for Blood Codes, Asclepius Vestige with Offensive Order, Pollux Core Fragment with Steadfast Strike and Usurper’s Blade have been made available as part of the DLC.

Code Vein Frozen Empress 3


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