New Rockstar Website Images Might Tease Their Next Game

Rockstar Games’ last major title was 2018’s Red Dead Redemption 2. Surely a massive AAA developer like them must have another game currently in development, perhaps even just in time to be announced for the next-gen console reveal later this year.

The company recently updated their official website with mysterious new art and images (via Resetera), sparking further speculation for their future games.

The first image simply depicts the iconic Rockstar Games logo against a colourful backdrop accompanied by several sentences. Those sentences are definitely interesting, to say the least, as they read:

“Killing dreams.

Murdering hope.

Fighting the righteous.

Bullying the weak.

Why don’t you tell me what went wrong?”

The image also features several numbers, which may indicate something as well.

Rockstar Games New Image 1

Meanwhile, the second image shows a female android of some sort hugging the famous Rockstar Games logo next to a bucket with a bottle of champagne, as well as what seems to be rose petals strewn about.

Rockstar Games New Image 2

Looking closely and zooming in to the champagne bottle reveals the number 1998, which was also the year when Rockstar Games was originally founded. It remains unclear if any of these images mean something, or simply just what they appear to be; new background art for the company’s official website.

Still, it’s fun to speculate. The first image, in particular, sounds really Bully-themed for some reason, and not just because the word ‘bullying’ is featured on it. All of this is certainly fueling the GTA VI and Bully 2 rumour train once again, especially as the games industry gears for next-gen.


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