Vandalism-Themed Open World Game Coming To Epic Games Store And Switch

The idea of an open-world game sans combat is an interesting one, but the upcoming Sludge Life is a bit more than just interesting. It’s a “tiny open-world” experience where you mark your presence with graffiti, play games on your in-game laptop, and fart with a dedicated fart button. I’m not making that last one up.

There’s also a cat with “two buttholes”, because why not.

Sludge Life is being published by Devolver Digital, who describes the game as “an open-world vandalism-centric stroll through a polluted island full of cranky idiots and a vibe so thick you can taste it”. You’re Ghost, a “breezy bandit set on staking their claim amongst the graffiti elite”.

“Will you become king of the island and tag every open inch, infiltrate sludge-pumping corporation GLUG, or just take it all down in flames with you?” reads the game’s description.

After watching the trailer, I’m really not sure what to make of it. All I can say is that it looks bizarre and unique as heck.

Sludge Life is coming to Epic Games Store and Switch in Spring, with the former displaying a release date of April 8 on its store page.


Author: Melvyn Tan

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