Half-Life: Alyx Looks Great In These New Gameplay Videos

Valve has dropped three gameplay videos for its upcoming VR game Half-Life: Alyx, and it’s looking pretty darn good.

The first video focuses on ambience as Alyx navigates a zombie-infested train station, while the second video takes place in a ruined building. The third video sees Alyx engaging in a firefight with the Combine. The first two show off some puzzle gameplay as well.

It seems that Alyx’s only weapon is a pistol, but as the first video shows, you can upgrade it at certain points in the game. The second and third videos show off modded versions of the pistol, but I wonder if using the same gun all the time will get stale even with upgrades.

I don’t think that looking at the environments will ever get boring though. Powered by Valve’s Source Engine 2, this is the most beautiful City 17 yet. The environmental detail and lighting are pleasing, while the second video provides some stunning sights.

Making the environmental details better is the interactivity you have with them, thanks to physics. In the third video, Alyx opens a car door to shield herself from gunfire and later catches a Combine grenade before tossing it back.

In IGN’s gameplay video, Alyx puts on a construction helmet. When she passes a barnacle, it snatches up the helmet, but not the character. It’d be interesting to see what other tactics players can come up with.

There were two other notable features. One was Alyx’s dialogue, which I thought was a very refreshing change of pace from Gordon Freeman’s silence. The other is the movement.

There are three types of movement styles, and each video shows off one of these: Teleportation locomotion, Continuous locomotion, and Shift locomotion. Teleportation and Shift both involve Alyx materializing at a new location, although Teleportation is instantaneous while Shift is more like Dishonored’s Blink.

Continuous resembles standard FPS movement. Continuous looks like the least-immersion breaking one, but the other two do seem useful for relocating in a fight. You can judge for yourself with the videos above.

Half-Life: Alyx will launch on Steam on 23 March 2020. If you own a Valve Index headset or controller, you can get the game for free, as well as additional content.


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