Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis Will Violate Your Safe Space/Room

Update: It seems that Resident Evil 3’s safe rooms will remain safe after all. As reported by GamesRadar, while Official Xbox Magazine wrote about Nemesis breaking into a room with a save point, that room was not actually a safe room. The article added that not all save points will be located in safe rooms.

Original story: Video game safe rooms are usually, well, safe. They’re a place for you to catch a breather, to prep yourself for the next part of the game, without fear of being attacked.

In Resident Evil 3, those safe rooms might not be so safe.

In an interview with Official Xbox Magazine (via US Gamer), Resident Evil 3 producer Peter Fabiano revealed that Nemesis is capable of pursuing the player into a safe room.

“It sounds like if you’re being pursued by Nemesis, you’ll have to break his line of sight before ducking out into a safe room. If you just head into a safe room while the Tyrant’s pursuing you, he’ll burst through the door to confront you.”

Reading this reminded me of PC Gamer’s article about safe rooms, which happened to touch on Resident Evil 2. In that article, RE2 director Kazunori Kadoi was quoted as saying that “I don’t think we should ever break the rules as far as letting the player be attacked and hurt in the safe room.

We’re supposed to establish rules by which you play and complete the game, and it would be unfair to break them like that just for the sake of a twist.”

It looks like with Resident Evil 3, those rules have been partially broken.

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