The Next Granblue Fantasy Versus Character Has A Pair Of Dragons

April’s going to be a lovely month for Granblue Fantasy: Versus fans; Cygames has announced all of its characters for its Season 1 Character Pass.

Joining Beelzebub (the last boss of GBVS) and samurai cowgirl Narmaya later on this April are big guy Soriz…


…female main character-slash-Gran-clone Djeeta…


….and sword-and-shield knight Zooey, accompanied with two tiny dragons.


The upcoming trio will be out this April. There’s not much gameplay from them, so we’ll just call it: Soriz will be close-ranged but more “punchy punchy” than Ladiva, Djeeta will be a modified Gran, and Zooey will have a mechanic where she summons her dragons to be more effective in mid-ranged combat.

GBVS is out now. If you want to get good, do check out our beginner guide which will be updated with Beelzebub and Narmaya tactics later.

Author: Mr Toffee

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