Call Of Duty Warzone Battle Royale Details Leak [Update]

Update: The leak is true. Call of Duty: Warzone will be out tomorrow. 

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare‘s battle royale mode Call Of Duty Warzone was rumoured to be dropping sometime this month, but it looks like a YouTuber named Chaos has leaked details of the game ahead of its official reveal, whenever that is supposed to be.

According to YouTuber Chaos, players don’t need the base game Call Of Duty Modern Warfare to play Call Of Duty Warzone as it will be a free-to-play standalone game. He also said that it will feature cross-platform gameplay and that those who own Call Of Duty Modern Warfare will have access to exclusive character skins and customized weapons.

Matches in Call Of Duty Warzone will start with 150 players (though this number might even increase to 200 later), as well as support solo, duo and trio squads at launch. There will be two game modes, Main Warzone and Plunder, the latter of which features the ability to respawn.

Call Of Duty Warzone

Apparently, a downed teammate can be revived by spending roughly US$4,500 of in-game currency at any Buy Station kiosk on a map. If someone dies, there’s also the option of participating in the Gulag, where fallen players can take turns to fight each other one-on-one for the right to respawn.

Here are other features and mechanics in Call Of Duty Warzone, that can be derived from the YouTuber’s leaked video:

  • Features old maps such as Terminal, Scrapyard, Overgrown, and Broadcast, as well as several new ones, though they “don’t feel like you’re in reskinned/copy-pasted maps”.
  • Weapon looting applies to guns only. No attachments, unless from supply drops. Health regeneration looks automatic.
  • Features a Squad Leader jump-master mechanic, similar to Apex Legends (Squad leader, and leadership can be passed). Players can see the cash of their teammates.
  • Vehicles include ATV, SUV, HELI, CARGO TRUCK and TAC ROVER.
  • After killing a player, the loot just drops. There are no bags or going through lists of inventory like Call Of Duty Blackout.
  • Lethals such as claymores, mines and grenades return.
  • There are bounties for eliminating specific players – possibly MVP, rewarding cash.

However, at the time of writing, YouTuber Chaos has removed the video from YouTube, most likely due to Activision taking swift action. Both Activision and Infinity Ward have yet to officially announce anything.

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