GDC 2020 Talks And Ceremonies To Go On(line)

Thanks to the power of the internet, GDC 2020 won’t be entirely absent this year. Talks will be streamed between 16 March to 20 March 2020, the week which the event was supposed to take place before being affected by Covid-19.

“Thanks to submissions from many of the original speakers who had talks accepted for GDC 2020, organizers will be streaming speaker-recorded versions of the talks they would have given in person, for free all week (from 9am to 5pm PT) from March 16th through 20th,” GDC wrote in a blog post.

In Malaysia (and other Southeast Asian countries), that means that they’ll be streamed from 12am to 8pm GMT+8 from 17 March to 21 March 2020.

In addition, the Independent Games Festival and Game Developers Choice Awards ceremonies will be streamed on Twitch on 18 March 2020 at 5pm PT (or 19 March 2020 at 8am GMT+8 in Malaysia).

They will retain the same hosts (Trent Kusters and Kim Swift respectively) as their original physical versions. Most of the award categories are maintained as well, with the exception of the alt.ctrl.GDC award.

One hour before the awards, Double Fine and iam8bit (the former E3 2020 creative director) will have a “virtualized 2020 edition” of their Day of the Devs showcase. The showcase was originally meant to let visitors try over 70 unreleased indie games. Now, those games will be “beamed straight onto your device of choice via the official GDC stream”.

A streaming schedule for the talks will be posted here on 13 March 2020. If you miss any of the talks, you can find them on the GDC Vault and their YouTube channel sometime after the event.


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