Call of Duty Warzone Smashes Apex Legends’ Battle Royale Record

Call of Duty’s latest take on battle royale, dubbed “Warzone” is well poised to shake up the battle royale scene in a big way.

Just 24 hours following its release, the 150-player battle royale didn’t just break the highest 24-hour player count recently held by Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends: it obliterated it with over 6 million players.

For the record, Apex Legends hit a massive  2.5 million unique users and 600,000 concurrent users at its peak 24 hours following its surprise release last February. The Respawn-developed game went on to hit the 10 million mark on day 3.

Capitalizing on their slick shooting mechanics, a novel “second chance” feature (a.k.a the Gulag), and presented on a gargantuan map accommodating 150 players at a time, Warzone is also free to play on all platforms. Players on PlayStation do not even require a PS Plus account although Xbox players would require Xbox Live Gold membership in order to play.

It has to be noted, however, that this number obvious rode on weeks and even months of buildup, while also running on a massive franchise which is Call of Duty. Whether Activision would be able to continue this momentum over a long period remains to be seen. But we always welcome more titles with innovative features into the battle royale scene.

Speaking of which, we wonder how soon will Fortnite release their own take of Warzone’s “Gulag”.

Author: Team KKP

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