Archives 2020 is now live for Overwatch players on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch, where they can dive back into storied events in the game with a new twist to spice things up. Each of the previous three Archives Brawls have new Challenge Missions, with new Brawls unlocking each week.

Overwatch Archives 1

Brand new rewards have been made available this year, so don’t forget to log in from 13 March to 3 April 2020. However, unlike in previous years, there are no actual brand new content, likely due to the development of Overwatch 2.

Challenge Missions

Overwatch Archives 3

This year, each mission has a unique modifier that will put you to the test!

  • Week 1 – Two Uprising Missions Unlocked.
    • Molten Cores – Enemies drop Lava on death.
    • Glass Cannon – Players have 50% less health and increased damage.
  • Week 2 – Two Retribution Missions Unlocked.
    • Surgical Strike – Only critical hits do damage to enemies.
    • Close Quarters – Enemies can only be damaged if a player is nearby.
  • Week 3 – Two Storm Rising Missions Unlocked.
    • Blood Moon Rising – No Support heroes and healing is reduced. Heal yourself by doing damage.
    • Storm Raging – Some Enemies are enraged. Killing them spreads the rage.


Overwatch Archives 4

In addition, Weekly Challenges are also back for Archives, allowing players to unlock limited-time rewards by winning nine games.

Overwatch Archives 5

Rewards include an array of player icons, sprays, and Epic skins:

  • Week 1: Holi Symmetra (Epic)
  • Week 2: Rustclad Torbjorn (Epic)
  • Week 3: Bear Mei (Epic)

New Cosmetics

Overwatch Archives 6

Players can look forward to new cosmetics as well.

  • 5 Legendary Skins
  • 3 Epic Skins
  • Player Icons, Emotes, Sprays

Overwatch Archives 7

Overwatch Archives 8

In the meantime, check out the trailer below.



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