[Rumour] Sony To Properly Reboot Silent Hill

There’s going to be a slew of Silent Hill reboots and revivals happening, and nope, they’re not of the pachinko kind.

Earlier this year, we heard that Konami previously reached out to developers a couple of years ago to get pitches to revive the survival horror franchise, with a high chance of these concepts being revealed this year after some time in development. Guess someone answered the call: Sony.

According to multiple sources like Dusk Golem, a Silent Hill series reboot and Silent Hills revival are in the works from the company. The reboot will be helmed by the former members of Team Silent and Project Siren members (from the PS2 Siren games), featuring luminaries such as Keiichiro Toyama (director, writer), Masahiro Ito, and Akira Yamaoka (composer). The game has been in the works for about a year.

The Silent Hills revival is being worked out, as Sony is in the midst of patching up the relationship between Kojima Productions and Konami in order to resurrect the game. After all, the P.T. demo has garnered a ton of buzz to the point where clever people are recreating it in some shape or form since you can’t officially download it anymore.


Author: Mr Toffee

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