After 2 Years, Tokido Has Finally Beaten Daigo Umehara In A First-To-7 SFV Bout

The two most prolific Japanese pro fighting game players recently duked it out in Street Fighter V to sort out a two-year long rivalry in first-to-10 battledom. The duo in question? Daigo Umehara and Tokido.

These two fighting game legends are Japan’s “god of fighting games”: both Daigo Umehara and Tokido has been in the Street Fighter scene for a very long time. The former is known for making insane comebacks and solidifying his defence, while the latter is renowned for his use of Akuma since Street Fighter IV.

The pair faced off in the final set of the Topanga Championship 2020 where their fights are almost familiar to the Kemonomichi 2 first-to-10 bout where Daigo’s Guile wall took down Tokido’s Akuma barrage. That fight ended up 10-5 in Daigo’s favour.

This time, however, the landslide win goes to Tokido, who took 7-0 against the Beast.

Right after that last set (via HiFightTH), Tokido broke down in tears of joy before standing up and bowing to his worthy adversary. For context, Daigo Umehara has always been the de facto king of long sets because he usually can “download” a player’s habits and tactics before destroying them. Tokido has beaten Daigo in standard best two out of three matches or so, but not in these kinds of endurance contests.

After The Fight…

Post-match, it seems that Tokido looked like he was in control for all of the 7 fights. Either the battle was finished with Akuma confirming into Critical Arts, or having Guile pushed back to the corner and trying to fight back without resources. Daigo was doing his best, but was unable to win a single game against his opponent.

Tokido had this to say during his victory speech (via HiFightTH):

“I’ve never been so glad that I play fighting game[s] as much as today. I’m super happy right now. I’ve been practising every single day, and in the end, I think that hard work doesn’t pay off that often.”

Check out the highlight reel below to see a new entry in fighting game history cemented in 2020.


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