Overwatch Teases Mysterious New Hero


Blizzard is seemingly teasing the arrival of a mysterious new hero in Overwatch. The name Liao has been in Overwatch lore since launch, and a tweet from the official Overwatch account includes an excerpt from the “Personal Log of Dr. Mina Liao”.

From the log in the tweet, Mina Liao is apparently an AI researcher who worked on the Athena prototype, who is also the sixth founder of the Overwatch organization. Earlier this year, former Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu replied to a fan’s question, stating that Liao is “definitely still an important character.”

It’s likely that the cryptic tweet is teasing the release of a new hero, but Blizzard has yet to confirm anything at the time of writing. It’s possible that Dr. Mina Liao could turn out to be a playable character herself.

Fans have been speculating that the mysterious bespectacled girl from the cover of the cancelled Overwatch: First Strike graphic novel is actually Dr. Mina Liao herself.

Meanwhile, the company is currently developing Overwatch 2which will feature a story-driven single-player campaign alongside the game’s popular multiplayer.


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