Cloud Still Looks Good In Drag In These New Final Fantasy VII Screenshots

Square Enix have released a bunch of new Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots – 37 of them, to be exact.

The screenshots cover characters like Tseng and Don Corneo to locations like Wall Market and Corneo Colosseum. There are also a couple of pics of the Summon Leviathan.

There are a few Honeybee Inn-related screenshots too, which include pics of not just the location, but Tifa and Aerith in their respective blue and red dresses. There’s also Cloud with his fake braids, who looks really looks like he doesn’t want to be there.

You can check out some of the screenshots below…









… and see the rest of them here.

In our impressions of the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo, we wrote that “Being a part of a larger trilogy or even a “something-logy” may make some astute JRPG fans feeling a little disillusioned at this turn of events, especially if all they’re getting is just Midgar.

“Though to be fair, it’s still quite a wild ride so far especially with a solid reiteration of the combat and a lot to explore. No doubt anyone who hasn’t even touch or heard of the original Final Fantasy VII or just played bits of it will be enamoured if the few hours of gameplay here is indicative of the full game.”

I haven’t played the demo myself due to the lack of a PS4, but just seeing these screenshots make me wish I could experience the game myself. PC release please, Square Enix.


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