Brace Yourselves: A PS5 “Deep Dive” Is Coming Very Soon

Get ready folks. PlayStation have teased an upcoming “deep dive” into their next-gen console.

“Tomorrow at 9am Pacific Time, PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny will provide a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture, and how it will shape the future of games,” they tweeted. “Watch tomorrow at PlayStation Blog.”

Just a week ago, we were wondering if Covid-19 had caused delays to the PS5’s production due to the lack of information from PlayStation. Now that they’re about to unveil the juicy details we’ve been waiting for, that’s probably not the case. For now, anyway.

What’s for sure is that Microsoft have been ahead of PlayStation in revealing details for their own console. They detailed the Xbox Series X’s specs in a blog post three weeks ago and allowed Digital Foundry to get an up-close look at it just a day ago. I’m not sure what to anticipate from PlayStation, but I’m excited to see what happens next in this next-gen consoles war.

With the PS5 “deep dive” taking place on March 18, 9am in the US, that means we’ll be watching it on March 19, 12am over here. While it’d be nicer if we didn’t have to stay up for the reveal, I guess we’ll be too excited to care once the time comes.

Author: Melvyn Tan

Aspiring writer. Self-learning Japanese.

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