Solo Mode Is Now Available On Warzone

About time.

What a launch week it was for Call of Duty Warzone. Not only did they break Apex Legends’ record of number of players acquired in 24 hours, they hit the 15 million mark in just four days! Riding on that momentum, they just dropped some sweet update for the game earlier today.

In case you’re unaware or just new to CoD, updates typically drop on Tuesdays (Wednesdays for folks on this part of the world) with new playlists and items in the store. Today was no different as new cosmetics corresponding to St Patrick’s Day were included as well as a new solos mode for the free-to-play Warzone mode.

No longer at the mercy of random or incompetent teammates, winning a round rests solely on your shoulders alone. The new game mode also introduces a brand new meta to the game as explained by YouTuber Inkslasher  where unless you have self-revive equipped, you’re immediately sent to The Gulag once you are downed.

So here’s the tip: Stock up on armor plates, self-revives and heartbeat sensor. These three items will be crucial in prolonging your stay on the battlefield. Some minor tweaks were also put into the game, including kill count which attributes kills to those who knocks down an enemy; as opposed to the player who finishes them off.

We thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Modern Warfare take on battle royale and you can read our full review here.

Call of Duty Warzone is free to play on all platforms.


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