Razer Is Producing Surgical Masks & Donating Them To Combat Covid-19

Razer may be best known for their PC gaming peripherals, but now they’re going to be contributing to the fight against the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan announced on Twitter earlier today that the company is currently producing surgical masks and plans to donate up to a million of them.

On his personal Twitter account, Tan said that he hasn’t been sleeping for the past several days in order to shift their existing manufacturing lines into producing surgical masks due to the shortage of such masks worldwide.

The company plans to donate up to one million of these surgical masks to different countries in the world, including Singapore (where the Razer SEA HQ is based). Regional Razer offices from other nations will also be working with their respective governments and health authorities.

Tan ends his announcement by asking people who want to help to reach out to Razer via social media.

It’s certainly gracious of Tan and Razer to play a part in fighting against the Coronavirus by using their own resources. This example is one that should be followed and emulated by other organizations/corporations, no matter what industry they’re from. Kudos to Tan and Razer for their effort.


Author: Alleef Ashaari

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