The Best Game & PC Music Albums To Buy During Bandcamp’s COVID-19 Fundraiser


Right after news of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has come out in full force, many artists all over the world have been hit hard due to tour and public show cancellations for the foreseeable future. As such, Bandcamp is doing their best to support its artists by waiving its revenue share on sales that will happen this 20th March. This ensures that Bandcamp artists will get the full earnings from their albums and single tracks on sale.

So which artists’ track and album should you get, at least the ones who play video game music covers or video game-inspired music and synths? Welp, I’m going to put on my SoundScape hat and give you a few suggestions:

Meganeko, Fantomenk

That really cool track we used for our KKP Wrapsody videos? They’re from musicians Meganeko and Fantomenk, both talented in the art of chiptunes. Most of the music they compose are both catchy, fast-paced, and keep you pepped up while you’re working indoors. Perfect for regions under restricted movement during the coronavirus epidemic.


This metal remixer’s best work include taking music from Windows ’95 and turning it into something beautiful for the ears and for airplay. Yes, classics like TOWN.MID, ONESTOP.MID, and CANYON.MID are made more awesome thanks to his arrangement.


This French electronica artist is pretty huge now, but back then he was known as the guy who made those awesome Miami disco-like tracks for the Hotline Miami series. Check out all of his past dark synth albums like Uncanny Valley and I Am The Night; these are masterclasses in turning your living room into a death music club dance space.

Jake Kaufman

The man behind the music of Shantae and Double Dragon Neon has his Big Lion Music label Bandcamp page full of his greatest hits. His most recent album is the old-school 8-bit-but-with-extra-channels OST to Shovel Knight: King of Cards. You can’t go wrong with this if you crave some NES chiptunes.


One of the pioneers of happy chiptune synth work, Anamanaguchi is no stranger to the geek music scene. From their Hatsune Miku tribute to fun and peppy albums like Dawn Metropolis, Airbrushed, and Endless Fantasy, you’ll have a rockin’ good time brightening the vibe with their music blasting through your speakers.

Have any other Bandcamp suggestions that have video game sounds written all over it? Let us know here or on Facebook.

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