Overwatch’s Echo Can Morph Into Any Enemy Hero On The Field

After an origin story showcase, Blizzard is going all-out with its reveal of Overwatch’s 32nd hero, Echo. And if you’ve enjoyed playing shapeshifters like Shang Tsung in fighting games, you may have a ball with this adaptive AI.

While Echo can fry freely, glide while falling, and surge forward while firing three shots at once in a triangle pattern, her true power lies in her Ultimate: duplicate. This enables Echo players to become any member of the enemy team and gain their abilities, including an accelerated version of their Ultimates.

Also, she can fire a Focusing Beam that deals very high damage to targets with less than half their health, culling out the heard. In case you couldn’t tell, she’s a unique DPS character with some “flight” capabilities.

She’s already playable in Overwatch’s PTR, and she seems like a joyride so far, duplicate VOs and all.

She’s also a decent singer too.

Stay tuned for our breakdown of the heroine on Kakuchopurei this week.

Author: Mr Toffee

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