The recent COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is putting a damper on movie releases from Disney. On the flip side, that means some films will make their way onto digital platforms right now. Like their recent fantasy hit Onward.

Yes, if you have a US region account, you can purchase the film right now. You can digitally download it via the PlayStation Store, Xbox, and the Microsoft Store. It’ll cost you US$19.99.

If you’d rather stream it on Disney+, you can wait until 3rd April instead.¬†Again, this is all on the US version of the service; time to break out the VPN if you’re using any.

Check out our review of Onward, as well as our interview with one of the film’s technical directors Kiki Poh who hails from Malaysia. If you need your VPN options sorted out, try reading this piece instead.¬†


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