The Mandalorian S2 Will Cast Rosario Dawson As A Fan-Favourite


Star Wars Clone Wars/Rebels fans, your link between those shows and The Mandalorian is getting tighter by the month.

As if that season finale reveal wasn’t enough, we just learned that actress Rosaria Dawson will play this fan-favourite Jedi in the upcoming second season.

That’s right: she will be playing the live-action version of Ahsoka Tano, renowned for being Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi padawan apprentice from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels show. We’re not sure how she will tie into The Mandalorian, but odds are she will provide insight to the season one cliffhanger item Moff Gideon was wielding around.

In any case, there’s a new hope a-brewing with this show if they keep doing A-lister casting like this. After all, she did want to play as this particular character in the Star Wars canon a while back.

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