25 Manga To Read While You Are In Lockdown

LGBT-Friendly Genre

Because some of the best stories come from uncharted waters.

1) Cheerful Amnesia (Oku Tamamushi)


Ever heard of idiot couples? Well this is an extremely idiotic couple, and we start the story with one them waking up from amnesia – so they get to fall in love all over again. Chaotic horny lesbian energy overflowing.

2) Whispering You A Love Song (Takeshima Eku)


Himari confesses her love to Yori, despite not fully understanding what love or romantic feelings actually mean. I guess love is a struggle when you’re a teenager, especially if your first love is a girl like you.

3) Love Me For What I Am (Konayama Kata)


An earnest, heartfelt story about a transgender person struggling with their identity. Mogumo is biologically male but identifies as neither male nor female. They were invited to work at a cross-dressing maid cafe, where they find kindred spirits and companionship to make sense of herself and how to cope with whatever challenges that may come.

4) Prunus Girl (Matsumoto Tomoki)


The most popular girl in school is actually a boy! Our hero somehow gets closer to him (of course) and shenanigans soon follow. A lovely fun read!

5) My Brother’s Husband (Tagame Gengorou)


Our story starts with a single dad and his young daughter getting a visit from his twin brother’s husband. His brother had only recently passed away in Canada, and his white husband came to Japan to remember the love of his life.

A beautiful, painful story about grief, mourning and discrimination. An award-winning masterpiece.


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