25 Manga To Read While You Are In Lockdown

Drama Genre

If you’re looking for something intense and a bit more bite to the plot.

1) Reiri (Muroi Daisuke)


It is the warring states era, at the height of Oda Nobunaga’s campaign. Reiri is an orphaned girl, having watched her entire family beheaded before her own eyes. She owes a debt of gratitude to her saviours and vows to sacrifice herself and eager to die to protect them.

2) Otoyomegatari (Kaoru Mori)


We’re probably looking at Central Asia in the mid-1910’s, when European explorers would find exotic cultures and document them for study. The story begins with Amir, a 20-year-old bride arranged to marry 12-year old Karluk.

It’s a beautiful, elaborate celebration of middle-eastern and central Asian civilisations of settlers and nomads.

3) The Promised Neverland (Shirai Kaiu)


Children are being raised in orphanages while they wait for adoption. The plot quickly turns dark when our heroes discover that children are being raised as food for demons and the orphanages are actually “farms”.

An action-packed thriller that keeps you begging for more.

4) Niehiime to Kemono no Ou (Tomofuji Yuu)

Niehiime to kemono.png

Sally is a human sacrifice offered to the Beast King. She volunteered for the role, having endured abuse throughout her life and simply wants to die. The King instead thought it might be fun to keep her alive and made her his wife. It’s a kingdom of animals with politics, racism and war. Great stuff!

5) The Bones of an Invisible Person (Ogino Jun)


Aya gains the ability to turn invisible, so she decided to kill her abusive father. Now she struggles with the guilt and learns the value of life through an honest friend. A powerful story of internal battles and the painful search for redemption.


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