The most noteworthy thing about Echo, the newly revealed Overwatch hero, is probably their ability to morph into enemy heroes and copy their skills. However, some attentive players have also noticed that the hero has a hint of Singlish in their lines.

Twitter user @Caldoran took to the platform to share their discovery. While “spamming Blinks as Echo-Tracer”, they noticed the hero saying the word “shiok”, which is used by both Singaporeans and Malaysians. TimeOut explains as a word “To describe something delicious or simply good” with.

Unfortunately, Malaysia can’t really claim this one as in response, Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu confirmed that Echo’s creator, Dr. Mina Liao, was Singaporean. “Liao was, confirm plus chop,” he said. Echo sees themselves as Liao’s “echo” and seems to have some of the latter’s personality, so in a way, Echo is Singaporean too.

Still, it’s cool to see some Southeast Asian representation in Overwatch. I wonder what other Singlish phrases have yet to be discovered.

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