Epic Games Store Grabs Nine More Exclusives In 2020

Yes, Epic Games Store exclusives. The dreaded words. Alas, there is no running from this, and it’s worth knowing what Epic has gotten their hands on this time.

The new batch of exclusives was announced as part of the Epic Game Store’s Spring 2020 update, and there are nine titles in total. These are:

Control: The Foundation (27 March 2020)

The first expansion for Remedy’s Control, where you explore the “roots of the Oldest House”.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service (2 April 2020)

Slapstick sandbox game where you try to deliver stuff with up to four friends.

Industries of Titan (14 April 2020)

Industrial city sim and strategy game, set on Saturn’s moon, Titan.

Sludge Life (Spring 2020)

Open-world vandalism game set on a polluted island.

Samurai Shodown (Spring 2020)

The reboot of the “blade-wielding fighting game” series, which released on PS4 and Xbox One last year.

Diabolical (1 June 2020)

Free-to-play arena shooter with, er, egg robots.

Dread Nautical (29 April 2020)

Turn-based tactical RPG set on a cruise ship that’s been boarded by monsters from a different dimension.

Among Trees (Summer 2020)

A “vibrant survival sandbox” set in the wilderness.

Saturnalia (Q4 2020)

A survival horror game where the village layout changes each time you lose.

Not all of these will be stuck with the Epic Games Store for eternity. Totally Reliable Delivery Simulator and Industries of Titan, for instance, will release on Steam in 2021.

It’s not a knockout list, but it’s interesting to see Samurai Shodown here, with no indication that it’ll be a timed exclusive. I’ll probably check out Diabolical, but that’s about it.

You can check out the Spring 2020 Update video below.



Author: Melvyn Tan

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