Sakura Wars To Receive Instant Saves In Big Day One Patch

After 20 years, Sakura Wars will be the first game in the franchise to receive a localized English version. The last Sakura Wars title was 2005’s Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love for the PS2. We’re only about a month away from the worldwide release of the upcoming game on 28 April 2020, and Sega has already confirmed a big day one update.

Sakura Wars will receive its 1.01 patch on launch day, the same update which initially launched for the Japanese version of the game earlier on 18 March 2020. Here’s what players can expect from the day one patch:

  • The ability to lock-on in combat.
  • The ability to save or load wherever or whenever in the game.
  • New controls.
  • Conversation logs.
  • Removal of Share restrictions, which means that players can now share screenshots and gameplay videos.

Sakura Wars Day One Patch 2

The Sakura Wars 1.01 update will also add character Sakura Amamiya’s Spiricle Fighter: Mugen from the Shin Sakura Wars The Animation anime. This mecha can be used for her missions in the battle simulator Ikusa-chan.

Sakura Wars Day One Patch 1
Sakura Amamiya’s Spiricle Fighter: Mugen.

In the meantime, check out the latest Sakura Wars trailer featuring different possible relationships in the game below.


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