We’ve heard of classes and work being done remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Razer is taking things to the next level with “cloud clubbing “.

The gaming peripheral company is teaming up with live-streaming platform Bigo Live and nightclub Zouk for this. Basically, there’ll be closed-door sets played at Zouk, and Razer will stream them on their Bigo Live channel. Their Bigo ID is “Razer”, FYI.


“During the set, viewers will be able to interact with the DJs via the live stream chat, as well as utilize Bigo Live’s functions such as sending virtual gifts with Razer Gold or Razer Silver,” Razer said. “A portion of any proceeds accumulated will be donated to the Singapore government to support the fight against COVID-19.”

They added, “Through cloud clubbing, Razer and its partners aim to keep spirits high by reminding the public that social interactions are a key support system to get through these difficult times.”

There’s also something for gamers, as there will be hourly giveaways of  Razer Kraken & Bonus Razer Gold, and the top livestream contributor will get a Razer Hammerhead True Wireless. The first session will be held on 27 March, Friday at 8pm, with future dates being announced later.

It’s a noble and creative idea for sure, but I have to confess that my reaction to this is a “huh?” rather than a non-sarcastic “wow”, though the giveaways are neat, I suppose. Guess we’ll see if Razer’s endeavour succeeds in “Revolutionizing the party scene in Southeast Asia” in a couple of days.

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