Check Out Torchlight 3’s Sharpshooter Class In This New Trailer

Action-RPGs aren’t just about bashing monsters up close; there’s also room for ranged attacks, and Torchlight 3‘s newly-revealed Sharpshooter class is all about ranged attacks.

While the game’s steampunk firearms are available to everyone, the Sharpshooter is the only who can equip bows. She also has an assortment of ranged-themed abilities, like the self-explanatory Scatter Shot and Heart Seeker, which fires an arrow that causes knockback and makes enemies bleed.

The class can also summon spirits, like a rat swarm or an eagle called Goose that applies damage vulnerability to enemies. There’s also her “best friend” Shasta, a wolf who doles out weapon damage and taunts.

“Whether stacking buffs that increase your powerful potential, or calling down the spirit of a great eagle you call “Goose”, the Sharpshooter’s deadly capabilities are versatile,” explains the blog post. “Combining the already distinct abilities with trinkets allows players to create custom builds that speak directly to their unique ranged playstyle.”

I prefer the idea of bashing things up close in fantasy games, but the Sharpshooter does look fun. No word on when Torchlight 3 will release yet, but you can sign up for the newsletter on the website.

Author: Melvyn Tan

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