Control developer Remedy Entertainment has signed a couple of publishing deals with an unnamed major publisher.

One of the projects is a triple-A multi-platform title that’s in pre-production and was previously known simply as the “unannounced third project”, while the other is a “new smaller-scale project” from the same franchise. Both games are making use of Remedy’s Northlight engine and will launch on next-generation consoles in addition to PC.

“The partnership extends Remedy’s strategy of creating and developing its own IP’s into long-term franchises,” announced Remedy.

The studio says that more details about the partnership will be revealed in a press release “later today”, so it won’t be long before we know who they’ve teamed up with and what they’re working on. Something tells me that it’s either Alan Wake-related or a new IP entirely.

For more on Remedy’s latest, check out our review of Control as well as its GOTY 2019 video.


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