You Cannot Beat This Latest Sekiro Mod…


The sky is blue, pigs don’t fly, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a tough game. It’s a game that will make hardcore patient gamers out of you, from its gotcha Guardian Ape to its rite of passage boss Genichiro Ashina.

But what if every enemy in the game is the final boss Isshin Ashina? Welp, there’s a mod created that answers that sadistically-laced question courtesy of Redditor Kahei_X. Yes, even a room filled with poisonous lizards and giant feudal alarm bell roosters is now filled with Isshin Ashinas.

This mode was created using the Sekiro Enemy and Item Randomizer on Nexus Mods.

Go check out the absurdity in action below:

If you want something less insane, may I suggest this Boss Rush mod? This will let you fight the game’s bosses in any order you want; perfect for honing your skills and whatnot.



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