Platinum Games Teases Us With An Announcement Of An Upcoming Announcement

The folks at Platinum Games have got a new announcement, related to their recent series of Platinum 4 announcements, planned for us, and they’ve announced that that announcement will be made on 1 April 2020.

Yes, it’s an announcement of an announcement, and the announcement date of 1 April? Fishy.

But having the fourth announcement of Platinum 4 happening on the fourth month of the year? It could be more than just an April Fool’s joke. although an April Fool’s joke masquerading as an announcement was precisely what Platinum did last year.

As for what the previous announcements were, they include the upcoming remaster of The Wonderful 101, the self-published Ultraman-inspired Project G.G., and the opening of PlatinumGames Tokyo in April. I can’t begin to imagine what the next announcement would be, but I’m sure it’d be something that’ll spark conversation – even if it’s just an April Fool’s joke.


Author: Melvyn Tan

Aspiring writer. Self-learning Japanese.

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