Veteran anime and manga fans will remember the classic Mobile Police Patlabor animated movies and series, featuring the iconic mecha design of the Patlabor Ingram mecha. Award-winning director Guillermo Del Toro even cites Patlabor as one of the many influences for his 2013 movie Pacific Rim.

The ‘Robo Road Ingram Unit 2 + Unit 3 Compatible Set’ is currently available for pre-order on the threezero official website. The price is US$129 (including international shipping), or roughly RM552+ when converted to local currency.

The ‘Robo Road Ingram Unit 2 + Unit 3 Compatible Set’ is a movable figure of 1/35 scale (approximately 23cm in height) that features nearly 50 movable points with a zinc die-cast frame.

In addition, it’s made of the following material (ABS, PVC, and POM), while the elbows, wrists, waist, and knees are covered with cloth to reproduce the silhouette of Ingram. Impressively, the cockpit cover can be opened and closed, and the inside cockpit seat can even carry a pilot figure (with figures of Isao Ota and Shinobu Nagumo included).

The cockpit seat can be raised and lowered, while a bulletproof windshield can be deployed when looking at the pilot’s head from the neck of Ingram.

Patlabor Figure 12

The patrol lamps on both shoulders of the Ingram mecha are equipped with two red and yellow LEDs that flash alternately (however, this will require 4 AG1 button batteries required). The equipment includes a hand revolver cannon, a stun stick (extended and retracted), a riot gun, and a shield for the left forearm (which can accommodate a stunned inwardly retracted stun stick).

Patlabor Figure 14

Replaceable and changeable parts include a face part for Unit 2 with the faceguard raised and various wrist parts with different poses. Last but not least, the ROBOT common action stand is also included.

Patlabor Figure 2

Patlabor Figure 3

Patlabor Figure 4

Patlabor Figure 5

Patlabor Figure 6

Patlabor Figure 7

Patlabor Figure 8

Patlabor Figure 9

Patlabor Figure 10

Patlabor Figure 11

Patlabor Figure 12

Patlabor Figure 13

Patlabor Figure 14

Patlabor Figure 15

Patlabor Figure 16

Patlabor Figure 17

Patlabor Figure 18

In the meantime, here’s a fun fact for Patlabor fans who are gamers. His most recent appearance in a video game was in 2017’s City Shrouded in Shadow, which was (unfortunately) exclusively released in Japan.



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