All The New Legendaries You Can Get In Borderlands 3’s Love, Gun, And Tentacles DLC

Hope you like guns in your next playthrough of Borderlands 3 this weekend, because the latest DLC has about 29 of them (so far).

Borderlands 3′s new expansion Love, Gun, And Tentacles is out now, and with it comes a new plethora of Legendary guns, shields, class mods, and artifacts for you to farm for.

Here’s a full list of them all (via this Reddit-made Google Docs Legendary sheet). Have fun loot-hunting!


Frozen Devil (Pistol, drops from Kukuwajack in Negul Neshai, a Crew Challenge) – Cryo pistol that shoots ice spikes.

Hydrafrost (Pistol, drop from Shiverous the Unscathed, a rare enemy in Negul Neshai) – After a kill, every second shot deals 200% shock or incendiary damage for six seconds.

Little Yeeti (Pistol, drops from Yeti in Skittermaw Basin, a Crew Challenge) – Shoots multiple projectiles and can knockback enemies.

Love Drill (Pistol, drops from Eleanor of the Heart, a story boss) – 20% chance to deal double damage as shock.

Seventh Sense (Pistol, quest reward from Forgotten Answers side quest) – Reloading causes spawned ghost projectiles to hit target.

Anarchy (Shotgun, random drop) – Auto reload or kill gives 30% damage, reduces accuracy, stacks 10 times.


Flama Diddle (Shotgun, random drop) – Reload shoots twice before exploding and bullets ricochet once.

Nothingness (Shotgun, drops from Gmork in Cankerwood, a Crew Challenge) – Charged shot for multiple explosions.

Shocker (Shotgun, drops from Voltborn, a rare enemy in Negul Neshai) – Shoots a shock orb that splits in three.

Clairvoyance (AR, drops from Kritchy in Cursehaven, a Crew Challenge) – Crits leave behind sticky exploding projectiles.

Mutant (AR, drops from Fungal Gorger) – Fully auto laser.

Seeryul Killur (Ar, random drop) – Kill grants damage stacks, fire rate and reduced heat.


Soulrender (AR, drops from Tom and Max, story bosses) – Sends out homing exploding ghosts.

Stauors’ Burn (AR, drops from Wendigo, story boss) – Chance on break to combust which gives guaranteed crits and fire damage.

Skullmasher (Sniper, random drop) – 5x projectiles per shot with an extremely fast fire rate.

Unseen Threat (Sniper, drops from Amach, a rare enemy in Cursehaven) – Crits ricochet with three homing projectiles.

Oldridian (SMG, random drop) – Switches element on reload, shield reduces elemental damage.

SF Force (SMG, drops from DJ Spinsmouth, side quest boss in Skittermaw Basin) – Shoots musical notes of multiple elements.

Old God (Shield, random drop) – 15% chance to drop HP or damage reduction charge.

Torch (Shield, random drop) – Shoots fireballs around the player that deal 10,000+ damage on break.

Void Rift (Shield, drops from Empowered Scholar, story boss) – Fires homing projects when you take bullet damage.

Stone (Amara Class Mod, random drop) – 10% chance to gain a Rush stack on damage, gives 3% damage reduction per stack.

Tr4iner (FL4K Class Mod, random drop) – 25% chance to pet to confuse enemies for 20 seconds instead of kill.

Fleek Sapper (Moze Class Mod, random drop) – Gain up to 12% lifesteal the longer you hold down the trigger.

Conductor (Zane Class Mod, random drop) – Gain up to 25% bonus shock damage based on remaining action skill duration.

The Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge (Artifacts, quest reward) – Consecutive hits grant up to 15% damage stacked, at max stacks, add another 20% damage.


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