Bleeding Edge Character Guide: How To Get Good In This PvP Brawler

Bleeding Edge is out now for everyone who owns either an Xbox One or a PC. And if you’re in Asia, you probably own the latter.

This latest title from Ninja Theory is a 4v4 online multiplayer action game in the veins of your competitive shooters and MOBAs, especially the latter, but with an action game twist. Remember PlatinumGames’ Anarchy Reigns? It’s like that but with better and more varied character classes & action.

The game’s tutorial does a great job in telling you the ins and outs of the game, so what we’re offering on this guide here are character-specific tips and tricks. And yes, we’re even using the top multiplayer PvP games here as references so that you can get a clear idea of how a Bleeding Edge character plays.


But first, some basics:

Learn ALL The Characters & Their Ins And Outs

Just like in a fighting game, knowing the roster and getting the hang of their playstyle is paramount to getting good in Bleeding Edge. The game’s mascot Daemon does not play the same way as Buttercup or Zero Cool. Each of them has their min-max range, their kits, and their roles to play.

Some extra info: each hero gains access to one Super that can help complement your team. Your heroes can also get equipped with customized Mods, the game’s equivalent of MOBA items and equipment that is all decided pre-game.

When all else fails, just default to your preferred character for that role.

Communicate & Group Up

Like with all multiplayer games, communication is key. Have a mic handy so that your team is on point with regrouping, team fights, points collection phases, and escaping. The game’ ping system is still handy, but nothing beats voiceovers.

Above all, make sure there’s one leader in a group. Whether it’s your Tank or Damage Dealer, they need to start leading people and assigning commands in case there are situations where you need to take control of multiple points or collect multiple orbs.

And make sure not to stay alone too long. 1v4 tends to end badly for the lone wolf. Bleeding Edge isn’t built with that gameplay in mind.


Help Fill Up Missing Roles

If there’s a role missing during a match, take point and fill it up. No sense having four DPS in the same team lest they get wiped out by a role-diverse team. Like Overwatch, you can change to a different character and a different role if you die and respawn. Just make sure you pick the right character for the current situation.

Learn Both Game Modes & Get Used To Them

No matter what, you’ll be playing both of Bleeding Edge’s modes one or the other. Objective Control is similar to Overwatch’s Assault; capture objective rings to gain points. Powercells makes you and your team collect power canisters all across the map and then deposit them in a central objective spot for points. You can take down enemies so that they drop their power canisters.

Kills you get will contribute towards your team score. Point is, just make sure your team knows what to do and when to diverge/group up whenever the objective markers start a-pinging. Killing enemies along the way as a team helps too.

Character Guide



Role: DPS

Plays like: your fast DPS characters like Dota 2’s Templar Assassin, or Overwatch’s Tracer and Genji, Mobile Legends’ Natalia, or League of Legends’ Yasuo and Akali. Hit-and-run is Daemon’s game here.

How To Play: He’s basically a ninja who goes in and out of the shadows, as well as a nifty scout. Make sure to use Stealth as much as possible, be it to enter a fight or exit a fight. Use shurikens to slow down enemies, and use Shift to dish some damage while going in.

The best Super to use so far is Shadow Strike; go invisible, then enter the fray and pull it off for some good damage against anything in range.



Role: Melee DPS

Plays Like: Axe from Dota 2, Fanny from Mobile Legends, Kog’Maw from League of Legends.

How To Play: Use Powerslide to get in enemy conflicts and scuffles. When you see a healer or support character, just go after them. Use Boomitar to catch and stun them. When you see a Tank in the way, use Fire Breath to deal DoTs.

If you have to pick one Super to help your team, make it Ride The Lightning. Let your team know that you have it ready, then unleash it once your Tank manages to get everyone’s attention and are within radius.



Role: Ranged DPS

Plays Like: Drow Ranger and Viper from Dota 2, Teemo from League of Legends.

How To Play: Grandma here plays it safe and can escape when needed. Use her Zap, Cage, and Siphon Life combo to harass and pick off enemies from afar. Vanish lets you disappear and give you invulnerability for a bit.

Best of all, Maeve’s passive resets the cooldown of ALL her specials. So make it a priority to last hit any enemy you see, and communicate with your team so that you get first dibs on stragglers.

If you’re starting out with Maeve, we suggest using Toil and Trouble as your Super. Shooting a ball of damaging energy from a safe distance when you managed to trap an enemy with Cage is always a good idea. If you’re good and know how to use Vanish a lot, then go for the Peek-A-Brew Super.



Role: Ranged DPS

Plays Like: Torbjorn from Overwatch, Heimerdinger from League of Legends.

How To Play: Set up T-Rut turrets like no tomorrow. Even if you think no one is around, just drop one in case. Use Sucka bombs if you see your Tanks scuffling with a few foes, then coordinate with your Tank to unleash his/her AoE.

You can also play double Tank duty with the Mini Mech Super; it’s best to surprise foes with additional muscle if they’re conditioned to the “1 Tank per team” mentality that Bleeding Edge reinforces.

Above all, never get too close to melee range with Gizmo, unless she’s using the Mini Mech Super. Doing otherwise is just asking to get ganked.

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