Yesterday was NieR’s 10th anniversary celebration. To mark the occasion, illustrator and character designer Raita Kazama (Xenoblade Chronicles X, Border Break, Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix) tweeted a congratulatory message along with this gorgeous NieR: Automata illustration.

It’s not the first time Kazama has done NieR art, as he’s drawn some 2B illustrations in the past, but this is arguably his best NieR work yet.

Aside from 2B’s hair blending a bit with A2’s (which can’t be helped I guess, since they’re all white-haired), I am totally in love with this illustration. A2’s confident pose particularly stands out and makes me wish (again) that we got to spend more time with the character in the game.

On the official side of things, the NieR 10th anniversary celebration came with a couple of notable announcements. There’s a NieR Replicant remaster that’s coming to current-gen consoles and Steam, and a new NieR mobile game for iOS and Android that’s looking very mysterious. It’s hard to say no to more NieR, and I hope that the unique series will continue to leave an impression on fans.


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