EGX Rezzed Steam Page Highlights A Bunch Of Interesting Games

The EGX Rezzed Digital event is over, but the related Steam page remains online at time of writing. It highlights a bunch of games both upcoming and released, and while the vast majority don’t seem to have demos, sadly, it’s a varied selection that deserves a look.

Among the upcoming stuff are sequels to familiar titles, like Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break and Desperados 3. There are also 2D action-platformers like Neon Abyss, puzzle games that tackle deep themes like The Almost Gone, and Shell Corp, a game about eggs.

For me, the most interesting-looking games (all upcoming) are:



A Metroidvania game set in a digital realm called the Mainframe, with the developers providing a branching story in addition to combat, platforming, and hacking.

Beyond Blue


Single-player adventure that takes you beneath the ocean of a near-future Earth.

Dice Legacy


A survival city-builder set on a ring-world, with dice and dice-rolling being a major part of the game.

Those Who RemainĀ 


A psychological horror game set in the town of Dormont where you have to manage your sanity and choose to help or abandon the citizens you meet.

The Falconeer


Made by a single guy, this is an open world fantasy RPG where you engage in aerial battles with large airships, creatures like flying beetles and manta rays, and rival Falconeers like yourself.

And lastly…

No Longer Home


A “semi-auto-biographical point and click game” about two recent university graduates in the UK, who are preparing to move out of the flat they’ve shared for a year.

Author: Melvyn Tan

Aspiring writer. Self-learning Japanese.

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