Last Oasis is a new survival MMO that lets players build fancy constructs that function as both base and transport. By new, I mean that it came out on Steam Early Access just last week.

Unfortunately, it looks like the game’s launch has been incredibly troubled, with many players unable to connect to the game. The issue was so bad that developer Donkey Crew is suspending its servers for around seven days as they try to fix the problem.

“A lot of you mentioned that this is not how an early access game should launch, and we fully agree,” says Last Oasis project lead Florian Hofreither, or “chadz”, in a video. “This is absolutely not how an early access game should launch.”

As such, Donkey Crew is offering full refunds regardless of how much time they’ve spent in the game, with “no questions asked”. Hofreither also thanked players who had sent positive messages to the team, and promised that “we are going to deliver”.

While the fact that Last Oasis launched with such severe connection issues is concerning, I think that Hofreither and the rest of the team deserve credit for responding to players’ feedback with candidness and sincerity. It seems that the actual game itself is pretty good too, so let’s hope that the connection issues will be ironed out soon so everyone can go back to enjoying it.



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