First, it’s Europe, now it’s Malaysia: Netflix is starting to reduce its streaming quality across the globe bit by bit. Or is that byte?

According to our pals from Low, the implementation will be similar like in Europe. This is done to help provide less stress on the country’s network infrastructure. After all, Netflix is just as accessible as YouTube these days.

So how much of a downgrade are we talking about? Netflix says that it will reduce 25% of its traffic. Keep in mind that this isn’t a Malaysian government and ISP decision; it’s Netflix’s. The move is done to make sure that all of its users are able to experience the service as best as they can despite the higher-than-usual traffic.

How long will this last? 30 days, starting now. Good move on the company’s part, especially in such dire times. And since it’s close to April, how about you start watching our recommendations here? 


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