Valve’s New Artifact Beta Says Goodbye To Card Selling

Valve is currently working on Beta 2.0 for their card game Artifact, which isn’t too warmly received on Steam at the moment. To show how serious they are about improving the game, they’ve announced a pretty big change.

With the Artifact Beta 2.0, card-selling will be a thing of the past. “We aren’t selling cards, so you won’t face an opponent with a stacked deck,” said Valve. “We’ve also added a new draft mode, Hero Draft, that gives you a taste of constructing decks without all the pressure.”

Instead, cards will be unlocked simply by playing the game. However, don’t expect your old decks to remain valid, as Valve said that individual cards are “likely to have been changed, removed, or brand new”.

They’ve also tweaked the gameplay, with players now being able to “access all three lanes at once”. “The majority of effects still work on individual lanes so they still maintain their identity, but it’s less likely that a player will get shut out in the same way they used to,” Valve explained.

There are still plans to sell items, but Valve assured that none of them will include cards or card packs.

I was surprised when Artifact ended up with mixed reviews on Steam, since I always assumed anything Valve released would be considered to be gold. Still, this new beta shows that they do care about their games’ quality.

If you’re in knowing more about the beta, you can check out Valve’s post here. Priority will be given to players who bought the game before the date on which the post was uploaded, although there are plans to have an open beta later.


Author: Melvyn Tan

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