We’re Getting A New Ducktales Game From The New Monster Boy Devs [Update: April’s Fool Joke]

Update[2nd April]: It’s a cruel prank. GG.

Original story

The 1st of April is usually a date filled with fake game news, but at a time of uncertainty, perhaps s***posts and jokes aren’t the way to go. So we do hope this new development isn’t fake: Game Atelier and Monster Boy devs FDG Entertainment are working on a new DuckTales game called DuckTales Quackshots.

Based on the 2017 cartoon remake, the game features Donald Duck and his nephews jumping around the world, exploring ruins and platforming. Just like in that Sega Megadrive title Quackshot starring Donald Duck back in 1991.

Check out the screenshots below, and maybe discuss among yourselves whether it’s legit or a really cruel prank.


Author: Mr Toffee

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