The Final Fantasy VII Remake is so close now that we can almost taste it. Most games usually allow pre-loading several days prior to launch (at most), but it seems like Square Enix will be changing that by allowing pre-load for Final Fantasy VII Remake up to a week before launch.

Several users on Reddit and ResetEra are claiming that the new pre-load date for Final Fantasy VII Remake is now starting from 3 April 2020, instead of 7 or 8 April 2020 as was previously believed. They have the proof for it too, with screenshots showing the new pre-load date, like user hashtagtylerh below.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Pre-Load

This is a good move on Square Enix, considering that the game is rumoured to be more than a whopping 100GB. If true, many players will very much need that week to pre-load the game, especially if they don’t have high-speed Internet.

Just a few days ago, Square Enix has clarified that physical copies of Final Fantasy VII Remake could be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The devs have also been requesting players (who somehow manage to obtain early copies) not to stream or share images from the game ahead of its slated release date of 10 April 2020.


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