Best Starting Characters

Let’s start with some decent MR and SR characters before going on to the truly great (but much harder to obtain) UR ones. Because we know you want to play through the game while spending as little as possible.

Mont Leonis (MR)

War Of The Visions MR SR 1

  • Attack: 168
  • Magic: 54
  • HP: 2228

Mont Leonis is a Lord with a high physical attack. His Body Slam ability allows him to deal moderate damage to an enemy and push it one space away, while his Counter Blade ability gives him the extremely useful chance to counter against physical attacks.

Rairyuu (MR)

War Of The Visions MR SR 2

  • Attack: 178
  • Magic: 64
  • HP: 1410

As a Gunner, Rairyuu comes with great ranged attacks that keep him safe from the physical attacks of enemies. His Aim: Arm (Arm Shot) ability allows him to deal heavy damage to an enemy with a chance of disabling it, while his Aim: Vitals (Vitals Shot) ability allows him to inflict moderate damage to enemies with a high chance for Critical and also moving it one space away.

Y’shtola (MR)

War Of The Visions MR SR 3

  • Attack: 58
  • Magic: 191
  • HP: 1020

As a Witch, Y’shtola has incredibly high Magic stats. Her Aetherial Manipulation ability allows her to move to any selected panel on the field with a chance to increase CT for allies within the area. In addition, she also has a lot of great Fire-based magical abilities, including Xenoglossy, which deals heavy Fire magic damage to a single enemy.

Baelo (SR)

War Of The Visions MR SR 4

  • Attack: 160
  • Magic: 41
  • HP: 1812

Baelo is a Knight with abnormally high HP and a high attack to boot. He has access to a lot of debuff abilities to decrease the Attack and Magic states of enemies. His most powerful ability is Trinity Break, allowing him to deal moderate damage to a single enemy and decrease their Attack, Magic and Speed for three turns.

Nyah (SR)

War Of The Visions MR SR 5

  • Attack: 54
  • Magic: 160
  • HP: 919

Nyah is a White Mage with a high Magic stat. She has access to Esuna, which can heal any status effect from allies, as well as a bunch of healing and reviving abilities. She’s practically a great healer, but she also has the Holy ability, allowing her to deal heavy Light magic damage to a single enemy with additional damage against Undead.

Vallaide (SR)

War Of The Visions MR SR 6

  • Attack: 51
  • Magic: 144
  • HP: 1062

Vallaide is a Green Mage with a high Magic stat. He has a bunch of debuff abilities, but his strongest ability is Imperil, which allows him to deal small magic damage to enemies in an area & decrease their resistance to all elements for three turns.

S-Tier Characters

Mediena (UR)

Mediena FF Exvius War Of The Visions

  • Attack: 79
  • Magic: 266
  • HP: 1636

Mediena is a Black/Green Mage with Ice as her main element of magic, capable of reducing enemy Ice attack resistances for units for three turns and dealing heavy magical damage to them.

She also has access to one of the best black magic abilities; Flare. This magical action deals huge amounts of damage to a single target. In addition, she can provide support to her teammates by increasing their speed for three turns.

To protect herself, Mediena has a Poison Sting Counter, which inflicts poison status on enemies who attack her. All of this means that she is not only a great offensive character capable of dishing out powerful magical attacks, but doesn’t lack in support or defensive abilities either.

Engelbert (UR)

Screenshot (126)

  • Attack: 218
  • Magic: 62
  • HP: 3225

Engelbert is the best physical damage dealer in the game, slashing through enemies by dealing a lot of physical damage. Plus, the amount of damage dealt will increase according to the amount of health he has already lost in battle.

His most effective ability as a Paladin is Saint Wall. It’s a shield made of light, which protects Engelbert from any physical damage for three turns. It’s an OP ability for sure, and he can also decrease the speed of his enemies using his Speed Break effect.

Last but not least, Engelbert can counterattack using his Fist Counter, which reacts to any damage dealt by an automatic response of a massive blow to an enemy’s torso.

Ayaka (UR)

Ayaka War Of The Visions

  • Attack: 72
  • Magic: 231
  • HP: 1881

Ayaka is quite possibly the best support character in the game. As a White/Green Mage with healing abilities, she is capable of restoring a lot of HP to allies, as well as removing Stop effects, and increasing Stop resistance for them for three turns with her limit burst, Angel Grace.

Her main healing ability is Full-Life, which allows her to restore any friendly party member to full health regardless of the amount of HP they have lost. Another interesting ability that she has is Position Swap, which allows her to swap positions with the target, either ally or enemy, within the area of the battle.

Last but not least, Ayaka’s Emerald Echo can increase the duration and length of all friendly buffs in the area, making her useful in any situation.

A-Tier Characters

Sterne Leonis (UR)

Screenshot (121)

  • Attack: 315
  • Magic: 75
  • HP: 1513

Sterne is a soldier of darkness but has similar abilities with Engelbert (see above), as he can also use his Hazard Break ability to sacrifice his own HP in order to increase the amount of damage to all enemies within the area.

Meanwhile, his Kassatsu ability grants him a 100 percent buff to his critical hits for one turn, making for great one-hit OP attacks.

Gilgamesh (UR)

Gilgamesh War Of The Visions

  • Attack: 235
  • Magic: 196
  • HP: 1698

Gilgamesh is great at both magic and physical attacks. His best ability is Excalibur, which lets him ignore the tiles that separate him from his targets and puts him in front of any enemy regardless of their position in the area, following by a heavy physical hit.

Meanwhile, his Self-Sacrifice ability is very similar to Sterne’s Hazard Break. The difference is instead of HP, Gilgamesh sacrifices all his Resistance points.

Oelde Leonis (UR)

Screenshot (122)

  • Attack: 281
  • Magic: 62
  • HP: 2338

Oelde is a great defensive tanky character with lots of HP, as he can create a special barrier around himself that reduces any kind of damage threefold. He can also use the Oblivion Glint ability, which allows him to deal heavy piercing damage to a target and increases his overall critical hit chance.

He also has the Illusion ability, which increases his own evasive actions and that of his allies.

B-Tier Characters

Robb Hourne (UR)

Screenshot (123)

  • Attack: 241
  • Magic: 66
  • HP: 1533

Robb can move towards any tile in the area, making him an excellent target killer. If players need to deal with Machine and Stone type enemies, then his Kongou ability will come in handy, causing additional damage.

Meanwhile, his Blue Passion ability reduces the AP of an enemy target, which is great against magic-based bosses.

Xiza (UR)

Screenshot (124)

  • Attack: 225
  • Magic: 64
  • HP: 2079

Xiza is a very good alternative support character to Ayaka (see above). She excels at removing various status effects from herself and her allies. such as Poison, Blind, Sleep, Silence, Stone, Toad, Immobilize, and Disable, thanks to her Breathing Technique ability.

She can also revive an ally after a knockout using her Revive ability. Last but not least, her Burst Slash ability can not only damage an enemy, but they will be moved one tile away from their original position.

Macherie Hourne (UR)

Screenshot (125)

  • Attack: 107
  • Magic: 209
  • HP: 2074

Macherie is a Cleric, whose Esunaga ability is similar to Xiza’s Breathing Technique, which removes various status effects. However, her main trump card is Anti-Calamity, which gives immunity to these various status effects to an ally for three turns.

She also uses an ability called Magic Counter, which is capable of countering magical damage.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below.

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