Warzone Players Can Try Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer For Free Tomorrow

Unlike the rest of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the battle royale-focused Call of Duty: Warzone doesn’t cost a dime to play. If you’ve been wanting to see what the main game’s multiplayer is like, however, you’ll get the chance tomorrow (at time of writing).

Activision announced on Twitter that Warzone players will be getting a Free Access Weekend for Modern Warfare‘s multiplayer mode. It’ll run from 3 April to 6 April, but given the different time zones it’d likely be one day later for us in Malaysia.

It doesn’t sound like it’d be the full multiplayer experience though. Instead, Warzone players will get access to the “Stocked Up, Locked Down” 24/7 Playlist in the game’s lobby, with two maps, Atlas Superstore and Shoot House, being featured. It’d be a Moshpit experience that’ll alternate between Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, and other modes.

It’s also the last chance for players to finish Modern Warfare‘s Season Two Battle Pass, with unique skins, weapon blueprints, and Operator missions to obtain. Activision notes that Battle Pass progress is shared between Modern Warfare‘s multiplayer, Warzone, and the co-op spec-ops mode, though Warzone-only players will have to buy Modern Warfare to enjoy their unlockables.

While it’s a shame that this free weekend won’t feature the full Modern Warfare multiplayer experience, it should suffice as a fun taster nevertheless. I enjoyed the multiplayer quite a bit during the open beta (aside from the Azhir Cave map), and our Kenn Leandre called it the “most fun I’ve had on a CoD game since forever” in his review.


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